Glam Girl Getaway

Teen Girl Room

When we were approached with the theme of Ancient Future, it immediately clicked and named something that we are already doing, whether intentionally or subconsciously. So much of our aesthetic vernacular is derived through the understanding and interpretation of what has come before to inspire what will be next. For my design I looked to new adaptations of ancestral forms, iconography, and pattern for inspiration. I drew from the crossroads of old civilizations and of our modern styles to create this room. Every item chosen has roots in history, speaks to what is to come, and yet is timeless.

Chandler Prewitt Design was appointed a girls bedroom. For young adults, the bedroom is especially important because it serves as the place where they begin to foster their identity and taste. For this girls room, we wanted to liven it up with pops of color and various reflective surfaces. We found beautiful fabrics from India, Tibetan lambs wool, delicate embroideries, and hand dyed matelasse. The silver accent wall is a new technique in American Clay plaster that is subtle in its nuance and makes one think of dreamscapes. The desk and side tables were sourced from Century Furniture, the lamps are from Visual Comfort, and the desk chair is a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams product. 

The Photos are by Bill Stengel Photography and by Kate Russell Photography courtesy of ShowHouse Santa Fe.