Both my wife & I hired Chandler as our Interior Designer for our newly constructed home. From start to finish, Chandler stayed on budget, in addition to providing extremely professional and creative services. As a custom home builder, we very much valued the high degree of integrity and attention to detail that Chandler brought to the project. It was an extremely joyful experience, with the end result being everything we dreamed of!
— Will Prull of Prull Custom Builders - Santa Fe, NM
I love the way that style, function, and comfort came together in the design of my home. Chandler was extremely considerate about incorporating elements of our collection in the design, and the result is a seamless combination of the collection and furnishings.
— Ken Bales. – Santa Fe, NM
My husband and I had worked with several designers in the past. Working with Chandler was such a breath of fresh air. Chandler is so down to earth, we found his calm and diplomatic approach helpful to the process. He understood what we wanted, presented us with options that were in line with our budget, and delivered and installed everything promptly. We are very happy with our home.
— Candace Lee - Scottsdale AZ
Excellent customer service, very respectful about our opinions during the project, and fun to work with. We love Chandler.
— Genevieve Ann Caldwell. – Santa Fe, NM
I choose Chandler to assist me and I am so glad I did! He helped me select new furniture for a sitting room and a new dining table and chairs. Everything goes together so well and complements the existing furniture beautifully. As a result, my home looks better then it ever did before. My husband and I are so pleased with both the process and the result!
— Callie Henkel. – Santa Fe, NM
I feel like Chandler is so talented he could be anywhere in the world designing rooms for people, but I am thrilled he is in Santa Fe. My husband and I feel like we finally have what we dreamed of and I hope to continue to work with Chandler for a long time! He is so calm, knowledgeable, and has incredible taste, and he picks up on what the client wants immediately.
— Mimi Smith. – Austin, TX
I love Chandlers eye for detail and his fabulous selections for interior appointments. We would work with him again in a New York second, as we have on additional projects he has invited us to partner on.
— Douglas Maahs. (Colleague) - Santa Fe, NM
Chandler provided background and guidance in order for us to collectively arrive at decisions through the home inside and out. He provided a balance of design, art, and color while still creating a beautiful, remarkable, authentic living space that honored both the style of the house and our own individual preference and taste.
— John Haupert. – Santa Fe, NM
I have worked with Chandler for about a year. In that time he transformed my dark and slightly funky adobe condo into a very elegant and fun adobe condo. And, along the way, I’ve been challenged to stretch my own design muscles. Chandler has a very exuberant attitude about “what could be,” and he uses his knowledge of materials and design to support this wonderful imagination. I truly enjoyed spending time with him during our process. His kind gifts of flowers and snacks to awaken the creative spirit, in case we got hungry, was greatly appreciated!

A little more about Chandler: he is a kind, sensitive and decent person. He is also very professional in the financial aspect of his business. It is always clear what is being done and what exactly you are paying for. Chandler also has great sub-contractors woking with him, which I greatly appreciate. He is never stingy in showing possible options. I love that.
— Gayle A. Kuldell - Santa Fe, NM
Working with Chandler isn’t low stress, it’s no stress. He listens. He takes his time. He takes your home in fresh new directions. You may recognize his work, but you won’t see the same thing twice. The process is fun. The result is dazzling.
— Lucy Scott - Santa Fe, NM
I hired Chandler to do a retail store redesign, and he delivered completely to my vision. I was delighted that he was able to take my rough descriptions of the feel I wanted, and translate it into a clear and actionable blueprint that was gorgeous.
— Elise Holliday - Santa Fe, NM
Chandler recently designed the remodel of my bathroom - a small, enclosed space with a tub, shower curtain, tacky tile and bad lighting. I wanted an airy, light space with a walk-in shower. Chandler did an amazing job of translating my wishes and desires into a beautiful space. He chose light blue glass tile for the shower and walls and a lovely contrasting blue grey tile for the floors. His attention to detail made all the difference .... the vanity, sink, fixtures, mirror and lighting pulled everything together.
I cannot recommend Chandler highly enough. He has great aesthetics and is a joy to work with.
— Mary Frederick - Santa Fe, NM
My partner and I bought a house two years ago in Maine and Chandler has been advising through the design process. He has been instrumental in helping to create our dream Cape home.
— Lola Zoopica - Portland, ME
Kitchen remodels can be difficult, not with Chandler at the helm. He takes care of details, follows through and makes your life easy. We left for vacation and when we returned the mess was gone. His creativity and eye for design are unparalleled.
— Cindy Knox - Santa Fe, NM